Your Invited!

A friend was telling me today about his mission trip and working amoungst the homeless. An awesome thing occured by the end of the week. He and his youth were invited by one the homeless ladies to come to their neighborhood where they sleep each night. Further, she invited them to their church service under the bridge. When they showed, over 400 homeless men and women had gathered to worship God under the bridge. WOW.

The thing that stuck out the most to me was how this group was invited into the lives of someone completly different then them. Huge barriers were crossed for this to happen. I wonder if I am willing to invite others into my life in this manner, to join me where I am, with all my baggage and mess. I wonder if I’m willing to become transparent, authentic, and just me. I wonder who will come into my life and who will leave when I get to this point. Your Invited…want to come?


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