Monday Reflection on Sunday

Didn’t get time to post this yesterday, too much time with the groups and celebrating my first Father’s Day. Here’s my thoughts on Sunday @ ICC

  • Still loving One Prayer…Perry’s message was simple, but extremely challenging
  • First attempt at video messages went off without a problem
  • no one openly complained about watching a pastor on the screen instead of on the stage
  • 2 mission groups with Power Plant in town to help us out: Brookwood from OK, Pleasant Grove from NC
  • They were a huge help Sunday: mainly by streatching our regulars into new roles as facilitating their task.
  • Man Day 2.0 was awesome, We have some great cooks at ICC amongst the men. Ian made some killer ribs, and Michael’s Italian sausage and pasta begged for multiple helpings.
  • Bob is doing a great job with song selection and organizing the band during the summer
  • With all the help, our systems were pushed and I think they responded nicely…a very controlled chaos
  • Taught again in ICK; I get pumped each week by hearing those kids talk to God.
  • Some of their prayers for their lost family members broke me
  • Tommy broke a very expensive plastic pitcher…give him a hard time about it!!!!
  • We could really use a rear projection screen and riging, it’d help a lot with appearance and stage space.
  • Speaking of space, our trailer is about maxed out, good thing we have an FedEx guy helping us each week.
  • Summer small groups start this week!

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