Sunday @ ICC

  • Set-up went really smooth; it always helps when TD stays away till needed
  • New vocalist helping out while B does his camp counseling
  • taught in ICK, probably will be doing this a lot this summer
  • right before teaching the DVD player went out, not cool! Lucky we’re a little oldschool and we actually had a vcr/tv combo and a tape laying around that worked beautifully into the lesson that was planned
  • Took the kids on a hike…awesome hearing them talk to God
  • Summer Slump hit us about 3 weeks ago
  • Stoked about One Prayer starting next week!
  • Saw some peeps that I haven’t seen in a while, great to catch up with them
  • Lots of praise reports
  • But also a lot of spiritual battles being fought
  • Lunch with summer small group leaders…love’n some mexican food
  • Somealot of the people attending really get the vision and make sacrifices each week to see it happen
  • Leslie & Cadence come home tomorrow…can’t wait it’s been to long
  • the other kids (daisy and roscoe) and I took a long walk through the woods this afternoon
  • Have been watching a lot of MMA this past week. Great fight between Pulver and Faber tonight
  • Forest Griffin–“the juice is worth the squeeze” reminds me of this; also a great thought for those of us battling the spiritual warfare thats running through the ICC peeps and leadership.
  • Can’t belive…actually yes I can believe what Gary told his guys today
  • Busy week ahead!

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