A Married Bachelor

So I’ve been “batch’n it” this past week; as has a good friend who shall rename nameless. He and I were talking about the process of preparing the home for when our wives return. We concluded that it is a delicate balance of clean and utter mess (usually this outweighs the cleanliness) that you live with long enough so that you only have to clean once before she comes home.

Today it dawned on me that this has some deep spiritual applications as well. I feel that a lot of my life I live in a delicate balance of clean and utter mess. More often than not I allow the utter mess to keep me away from my time with God…and the mess continues to pile up. Instead of regular maintenance on my spiritual walk and drawing close to God, I just go when I’ve had enough and need to straighten some things out. Wow! That may work for my house and wife; but I don’t think this flies for my spiritual house, the temple of the Most High. Somethings got to change.


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  1. dude.

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