A Great Prayer

I had the privilege of discussing and praying Ephesians 3:6-21 with a great friend this past week. And yes, we did it in the KJV, we went old school!

Verses 16 and 20-21 seem to provide parrallel thoughts. What challenged me the most was that God desires to do “exceeding abundantly above all” in my life for His Glory (see vs 6 for an idea of what gives glory to God); and that He’ll provide the strength to do it.

Sometimes I get impatient waiting on God to do what I think he’s asked me to do; when really, He wants to do way more than that. The good question is: are we comfortable in our life? if so we may not be where God wants us. Because when exceeding abundantly above all things start happening, we should be freaking out. Better question: are we willing to take the risk involved to get where God can do this? Paul was in the midst of severe tribulation while writing this prayer!


One Response to “A Great Prayer”

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