Lessons from the field

I learned a unique lesson this past week playing soccer:

I admit, I’ve never been the biggest, strongest, or best player on any team I’ve played on the past 20 years. However, I’ve always played the best mental game and therefore earned spots as the sweeper (last defender) and at times given the joyous job of marking the other teams best players. I have seemed to piss off a lot of the opposing players over the years; and almost every time it’s taken them out of their game. However, I’ve never really been part of a winning team either, but oh how I like to take the oppostion out of their game, especially the coocky ones.

I think Satan is like that. He’s not on a winning team, but loves to annoy us just enough to get us out of our game. Even though we may be winning as a team, I may not be scoring any “goals” because of satan’s attacks. And his attacks take me out of the game and I loose the enjoyment of winning!


One Response to “Lessons from the field”

  1. are you saying you’re the satan on your soccer teams? funny.

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