Sunday @ ICC

We made it back to ICC for the first time since Cadence’s arrival. It was great to see everyone again and experience the atmosphere from a “walk-in” perspective. Here’s some thoughts

  • Loved the response song B & B played, not sure of name yet, but powerful lyrics
  • probably need to figure a way of showing song titles and artist so that others don’t feel like me when they really liked a song but can’t find it on itunes
  • Big Papa Lamar stepped up and into ICK, WOW! not sure if that means we need more volunteers or if we should tranisition him out of the catalytic role into ICK permently
  • Loveing the overview of Joseph’s story, Tommy connected well!
  • Gave all the lady’s in the house a gift! that was cool for a 9mo old church plant to do!
  • Attendance was down, kinda expected it due to M-day and most of our peeps hanging out with their families.
  • Cadence stayed somewhat quiet throughout the service, which was a nice blessing!
  • Found out who made the awesome pork-chops dropped by our house–thanks Ian and D. Anytime you’re grilling, I’m coming!

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