Fatherhood ~2wks in

we’ll first observation you can see is that my new baby girl has kept me off the blogging sphere for a while I’m back and hope to find some time to keep this updated!

Here’s a look at the past two weeks

  • Left the hospital Friday
  • Family left Saturday
  • Haven’t slept more than 4hr each night since!
  • That about sums it up

but here are some more details

  • I absolutely love holding my little girl each night! I probably am spoiling her because I don’t let her sleep in her bassinet.
  • It has been a hard few weeks with Dr. visits and adjusting to our new life, but we’re slowly making some head room.
  • We got to watch our first sunset together
  • the Pens playoff games
  • showed her North Hills High school (Arts Alive, if we stay in West View for the next 13years this is where she’d go)
  • keep trying to introduce her to the pups; but they’re still to jealous to get to close
  • She loves Mexican Food! (no i didn’t feed her any, yet; but you can tell, trust me)

Here’s some pics…there’s more on her site, click here









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