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A Great Prayer

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I had the privilege of discussing and praying Ephesians 3:6-21 with a great friend this past week. And yes, we did it in the KJV, we went old school!

Verses 16 and 20-21 seem to provide parrallel thoughts. What challenged me the most was that God desires to do “exceeding abundantly above all” in my life for His Glory (see vs 6 for an idea of what gives glory to God); and that He’ll provide the strength to do it.

Sometimes I get impatient waiting on God to do what I think he’s asked me to do; when really, He wants to do way more than that. The good question is: are we comfortable in our life? if so we may not be where God wants us. Because when exceeding abundantly above all things start happening, we should be freaking out. Better question: are we willing to take the risk involved to get where God can do this? Paul was in the midst of severe tribulation while writing this prayer!


Lessons from the field

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I learned a unique lesson this past week playing soccer:

I admit, I’ve never been the biggest, strongest, or best player on any team I’ve played on the past 20 years. However, I’ve always played the best mental game and therefore earned spots as the sweeper (last defender) and at times given the joyous job of marking the other teams best players. I have seemed to piss off a lot of the opposing players over the years; and almost every time it’s taken them out of their game. However, I’ve never really been part of a winning team either, but oh how I like to take the oppostion out of their game, especially the coocky ones.

I think Satan is like that. He’s not on a winning team, but loves to annoy us just enough to get us out of our game. Even though we may be winning as a team, I may not be scoring any “goals” because of satan’s attacks. And his attacks take me out of the game and I loose the enjoyment of winning!

Word Choice

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So some of you have been waiting for my thoughts about the this artical and this response concerning the SBC. I’ve had plenty of time to think, and have rewrote this a couple of times now….mainly to keep it simple.

First a declaration, I am a Southern Baptist by choice! I was not raised in a SBC church, actually the church I was raised in was quite against the SBC. I choose to go to a SBC college and Seminary because my convictions theologically, pedagogically, and practically most closely align with theirs. I have been a member of two established SBC churches, one doing things traditionally and one a little more progressive; and am now on staff at a SBC church plant! I am one of a few younger “leaders” that may still hold hope for the SBC, yet only have a voice via the blog world.

Here’s my opinion on the matter: The SBC needs to have a Cooperative Understanding, not just a Cooperative Program! Here’s my logic:

  • 304,180,375 and counting: population of the US (source 1)
  • ~75,000,000: unchurched US citizens in 2004 (source 2)
  • 345,941: # of SBC recorded baptisms (source 3)
  • 16,206,920: total recorded membership in the SBC (source 4)

This means we reached .12% of the total population and .46% of the unchurched population. I wonder how many statisticians would consider that significant! Further that’s only 1 baptism for every 47 members of a church. And these numbers are post the Bobby Whelch 1 Million bus campaign. It’s interesting that the tag line for the SBC website has One People, One Purpose. These numbers illustrate that we do not have One Purpose yet alone a Cooperative Understanding of that Purpose! Throughout the OT when the nation of Israel failed, God had some choice words for their priest. Pastors it’s not the SBC’s responsibility to orchestrate a new program or campaign, but those of us on the front lines speaking to the those on the frontback pews (we are baptist aren’t we) to help them on God’s mission: imago dei. Being His image bearers in a marred world.


Future Post

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I’ll be posting my thoughts to these findings and this man’s response very soon! I know I’m a little behind in getting it out, but I’ve had two weeks to process it. You’re not going to want to miss it. Read up on the links above to get prepared!

Fatherhood ~2wks in

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we’ll first observation you can see is that my new baby girl has kept me off the blogging sphere for a while I’m back and hope to find some time to keep this updated!

Here’s a look at the past two weeks

  • Left the hospital Friday
  • Family left Saturday
  • Haven’t slept more than 4hr each night since!
  • That about sums it up

but here are some more details

  • I absolutely love holding my little girl each night! I probably am spoiling her because I don’t let her sleep in her bassinet.
  • It has been a hard few weeks with Dr. visits and adjusting to our new life, but we’re slowly making some head room.
  • We got to watch our first sunset together
  • the Pens playoff games
  • showed her North Hills High school (Arts Alive, if we stay in West View for the next 13years this is where she’d go)
  • keep trying to introduce her to the pups; but they’re still to jealous to get to close
  • She loves Mexican Food! (no i didn’t feed her any, yet; but you can tell, trust me)

Here’s some pics…there’s more on her site, click here








Sunday @ ICC

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We made it back to ICC for the first time since Cadence’s arrival. It was great to see everyone again and experience the atmosphere from a “walk-in” perspective. Here’s some thoughts

  • Loved the response song B & B played, not sure of name yet, but powerful lyrics
  • probably need to figure a way of showing song titles and artist so that others don’t feel like me when they really liked a song but can’t find it on itunes
  • Big Papa Lamar stepped up and into ICK, WOW! not sure if that means we need more volunteers or if we should tranisition him out of the catalytic role into ICK permently
  • Loveing the overview of Joseph’s story, Tommy connected well!
  • Gave all the lady’s in the house a gift! that was cool for a 9mo old church plant to do!
  • Attendance was down, kinda expected it due to M-day and most of our peeps hanging out with their families.
  • Cadence stayed somewhat quiet throughout the service, which was a nice blessing!
  • Found out who made the awesome pork-chops dropped by our house–thanks Ian and D. Anytime you’re grilling, I’m coming!