Sunday @ ICC

  • let’s start with God answers prayers! BIG TIME!
  • threw a curve ball to the production team this morning, they eventually hit it but I caused the band to miss most of their warm-up….sorry guys and a lot of frustration to our team…sorry for that as well
  • curve ball was a new mixer and amp, but not all the right cables. it really cleaned up the sound and made it much clearer, but still not the best Sunday to do it, lesson learned.
  • portable baptisms are awesome, especially when the heating element breaks down.
  • our guys loaded about 6 industrial sized trash cans of hot water, still no help….glad Tommy was the one in the water
  • saw 4 people baptized and another week of people deciding to begin a relationship with Christ. WOW!!!
  • the spiritual warfare i mentioned here has trickled down to our support staff. some of our peeps are really fighting through some crap right now, pray for them!
  • finished the Release series and today’s service by signing I am Free by the Newsboys, great song to close things out.
  • realized last night around midnight, what I thought was canopies to use to keep the rain off was actually pack-n-plays for a children’s area…..I freaked out!
  • Prayed a lot last night for it not to rain during the service
  • Rain stopped about time people began coming in! God likes to test me a little.
  • Have an awesome wife whose taking me out tonight!
  • Did I mention that this time next week I’ll be holding my little girl!
  • Tommy actually only preached for 15 or so minuetes. Everyone was in shock, and not because of the ice cold baptism water.
  • Have a busy week ahead, a lot to do before becoming a dad, but looking foward to it all.

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