Sunday @ ICC

  • Little water accident this morning, and next week is the baptism service, weird…
  • Michael took care of sound set-up by himself and it worked perfectly
  • We really need some new stage monitors, and lighter speakers
  • Had some extra help setting up and tearing down everything, 2nd week in a row…really makes a huge difference
  • New people, New people, New people…loving it
  • Another decision to begin a relationship with Christ….3 weeks in a row people are stepping into the faith family.
  • baptism service next week, i’m pumped
  • didn’t get a sunday nap, so i’m wiped out
  • had an awesome dinner with some new friends from ICC, Jason and Laura. Ummm great cooking and fun time hanging out
  • Cadence is coming in 4 weeks….and my wife is still rocking it out serving in the kids area.
  • MJ stepped up and did Cafe…she did a great job, I’m a cheese cube freak!
  • Yes i did wear a t-shirt while everyone else was in coats, I thought it would be warmer.
  • speaking of warmer, i can’t wait to wear my chacos each week.
  • Batman was killed deflated…great illustration…the sermon was full of great illustrations and applications check it out here.

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