Sunday @ ICC

  • Beautiful weather!!!
  • Trained Michael on the basic of sound set-up
  • Taught in ICK about me climbing St. Mary’s Glacier and JC climbing Golgatha
  • Tommy brought the funk to help realese from all their junk….it’s going to be even better next Sunday!
  • Band is rocking out We Stand by Lee McDerment…2nd week in a row
  • Really want to take the dogs to the park, but will settle for Tommy’s back yard.
  • Guys who tear down the auditorium area did it extreamly fast and good!
  • Which allowed me to make several new connections
  • New guest again, and some returning ones from the previous week
  • Heard about 3 decisions to begin a relationship with Christ from the adults
  • 3 kids in ICK wanted to learn more as well
  • Because of the above two,  I had some spirtual warfare earlier this week and expect more of it this upcoming week.
  • Dig the new table set up in the cafe, and the red curtains in the auditorium
  • Get to hang out with TJ tonight

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