Easter’s no joke!

We celebrate Easter because of the mighty move of God on that day in which He raised himself from the grasp of death, giving life to all of us who believe. Here are some links to several present day might movements:

  • Gary Lamb: Revolution Church, Canton GA: 20 people accepted Christ
  • Perry Noble: NewSpring Church, Anderson SC: over 120 people accepted Christ
  • Sam Braswell:River Ridge Church, Douglasville GA: only 6mos old saw over 4,000 attend their Saturday community event, and saw double attendance for their Easter Service.
  • JR Lee:Freedom Church, Acworth GA: a little over 2mos old saw 10 people accept Christ
  • Steven Furtick: Elevation Church, Charlotte NC: over 500 people accepted Christ
  • Tommy Duke: Iron City Church, Pittsburgh PA: only 6mos old saw a 50% increase in attendance with 27 first time guest. And they gave away over 1,000 peeps and 1 t-shirt.

These are just some of the ones I read this morning and got excited about and wanted to share. I’m sure there are a lot more out there and I’d love to hear them, post your comments


One Response to “Easter’s no joke!”

  1. Great to officially meet you at Unleash. Keep going after it!

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