A 1 Statement Life (part 2)

See this post for part 1

To challenge, mobilize, and equip the church to accomplish God’s purpose

One of the first key words that I want to define is “church.” To often we think of this term in it’s community or corporate setting. We must not forget that each believer is the church, the temple of God. My statement keeps me on track with challenging, mobilizing, and equipping the people of God, as well as the broader gathering of believers.

At first glance this can easily been seen as a seclude or confined statement for a believer. My life statement revolves around other believers and not reaching out to those who are far from God. I’ve had the opportunity to take several mission trips over the years, with each one I kept seeing a similar occurrence. I formed relationships better with the other believers in the fields than the non-believers. Further, I was able to leave a lasting impact on those believers by encouraging them along their spiritual journey. When I was later able to lead groups on mission trips I was energized by seeing those participating on the trip being stretched than the actual mission work. My life is most joyful when I’m challenging, mobilizing, and equipping the “church”

But there’s more to my statement, you’ll see this isn’t so confined of a task.


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