A 1 Statement Life

I love systems, not just the game kind. I love seeing companies, organizations, industries, and even churches put into practice systems. It’s funny how much work and time goes into creating, re-creating, and applying these systems. A starting point for many is a mission statement; it helps to align strategy and to focus on advancing the company along a single plane. Why is it so many individuals don’t adopt a similar practice. They spend the majority of their time and effort moving through life in various journeys and task without a specific focus and plan. In the summer of 2001 I went through a training program by Kingdom Building Ministries. While there, they challenged me to discover me, the unique way in which I was created and the legacy I can leave. Then to top off the Summer they challenged me to put my life’s mission statement together. It has provided a structure for decision making, education plans, jobs, and my daily life.

So here it is: “To challenge, mobilize, and equip the church to accomplish God’s purpose”

It has several key words that I’ll dive into later this week.

Can you summarize your life mission in one sentence?  I’d love to hear it…leave a comment. If you can’t, let me know and I’ll help resource you to finding a focused life.


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