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Easter’s no joke!

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We celebrate Easter because of the mighty move of God on that day in which He raised himself from the grasp of death, giving life to all of us who believe. Here are some links to several present day might movements:

  • Gary Lamb: Revolution Church, Canton GA: 20 people accepted Christ
  • Perry Noble: NewSpring Church, Anderson SC: over 120 people accepted Christ
  • Sam Braswell:River Ridge Church, Douglasville GA: only 6mos old saw over 4,000 attend their Saturday community event, and saw double attendance for their Easter Service.
  • JR Lee:Freedom Church, Acworth GA: a little over 2mos old saw 10 people accept Christ
  • Steven Furtick: Elevation Church, Charlotte NC: over 500 people accepted Christ
  • Tommy Duke: Iron City Church, Pittsburgh PA: only 6mos old saw a 50% increase in attendance with 27 first time guest. And they gave away over 1,000 peeps and 1 t-shirt.

These are just some of the ones I read this morning and got excited about and wanted to share. I’m sure there are a lot more out there and I’d love to hear them, post your comments


A 1 Statement Life (part 2)

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See this post for part 1

To challenge, mobilize, and equip the church to accomplish God’s purpose

One of the first key words that I want to define is “church.” To often we think of this term in it’s community or corporate setting. We must not forget that each believer is the church, the temple of God. My statement keeps me on track with challenging, mobilizing, and equipping the people of God, as well as the broader gathering of believers.

At first glance this can easily been seen as a seclude or confined statement for a believer. My life statement revolves around other believers and not reaching out to those who are far from God. I’ve had the opportunity to take several mission trips over the years, with each one I kept seeing a similar occurrence. I formed relationships better with the other believers in the fields than the non-believers. Further, I was able to leave a lasting impact on those believers by encouraging them along their spiritual journey. When I was later able to lead groups on mission trips I was energized by seeing those participating on the trip being stretched than the actual mission work. My life is most joyful when I’m challenging, mobilizing, and equipping the “church”

But there’s more to my statement, you’ll see this isn’t so confined of a task.

The Easter Bunny Commeth

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Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! As a child I always woke up early, kinda like a pre-christmas morning event, and would run through the house hunting for the candy the Easter Bunny left behind. As an adult, I still do this, just now I’m buying the candy and I already know where it’s hidden. There’s something about anticipation of rewards, especially when food is involved that I crave. Not to sound to “churchy” with Easter and all, I really am bad about not having this same approach in my christian walk. I hardly have an excitement and craving in anticipation of being in heaven. I wish I could be more like Paul . I don’t always have the same morning energy rushing to read my Bible like David. Am I alone in this? Do any of you struggle with the same thing?

Travel Blog

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Leaving tomorrow for Unleash in SC. Sometime Thursday night will be driving to Charlotte, NC to make sure Tommy catches a plane for NYC. Then hanging around G-vegas for the weekend to attend some baby showers for Cadence. Sunday traveling back to the burgh. I’ll try to post some quick hits from the conference and travel as I find time.

A 1 Statement Life

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I love systems, not just the game kind. I love seeing companies, organizations, industries, and even churches put into practice systems. It’s funny how much work and time goes into creating, re-creating, and applying these systems. A starting point for many is a mission statement; it helps to align strategy and to focus on advancing the company along a single plane. Why is it so many individuals don’t adopt a similar practice. They spend the majority of their time and effort moving through life in various journeys and task without a specific focus and plan. In the summer of 2001 I went through a training program by Kingdom Building Ministries. While there, they challenged me to discover me, the unique way in which I was created and the legacy I can leave. Then to top off the Summer they challenged me to put my life’s mission statement together. It has provided a structure for decision making, education plans, jobs, and my daily life.

So here it is: “To challenge, mobilize, and equip the church to accomplish God’s purpose”

It has several key words that I’ll dive into later this week.

Can you summarize your life mission in one sentence?  I’d love to hear it…leave a comment. If you can’t, let me know and I’ll help resource you to finding a focused life.

A Church Planting Day

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You have to love a day when you arrive and the entire stage is covered in construction debris, over half of the curtains for the stage have been removed, and only 3 people are there to help you set up. Slowly more showed up, Michael knocked out a creative disguise for the stage chaos, and Sunday was an awesome day. I was teaching in our children’s area, but I could hear the excitement from the auditorium as the band played and Tommy brought the message.

Interesting: we had the highest attendance ever! and the smallest amount of offering! I love Church Planting!!! I do need to give some props to the people of ICC who poured out extra money and sacrificed over the past few weeks to help our Easter advertising campaign. I was blown away by how many people are committed to seeing this city transformed and the lengths they’ll go to see it happen!

This week I’ve been promoted to the big church. Tommy’s letting me teach!