First Timer

Last week hit our house hard with sickness thanks to the now infamous Duke Bug. We also received a wintery mix that made it impossible for one of our cars to get out of the driveway. The Wrangler powers through anything; but the ice crippled the Blazer even in 4 wheel drive. Mid-week I was feeling better and decided not to wait on our landlord to clear our driveway. I’d at least shovel off our parking area so we could salt it once it warmed up. Well, 2 hours later I realized I needed a little more experience and insight into the shoveling task. I think using an actual snow shovel would have helped. There was still a layer of ice, but the piles of snow I pushed to the side were tremendously enjoyed by the dogs. Even after shoveling, I still couldn’t get the Blazer out. Next time, I’ll enjoy some hot chocolate and movies and leave the snow removal to our landlord. I wish I knew how to post pictures here.


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