Okay it’d be really easy for me right now to create a bullet list of the frustrations that are going on in my life. A lot of people dealing with church planting have them; we never see the progress we expect. We live in an age of Globilization and open access to information further driving our frustration for instant results. Not only with church stuff, but life itself has it’s frustrations. It has been a rough two weeks for me on this front.

So I decided today to do a study on frustration within scripture and ended up in Romans 8. Creation itself is frustrated, but of a different kind. Creation groans because God’s children have not been brought into God’s glory. Creation didn’t choose it’s current position, it was forced upon it. Paul than urges that as children of God we to should be frustrated as we wait for our glorious redemption.

To often my mind, my selfish ambitions lead me away from this perspective. The world has it’s frustrations, but even more so our spiritual life has it’s frustrations. I can complain alot about the worldly frustrations; but am I complaining about my spiritual position? Am I frustrated with the anticipation of being redeemed by the God of creation? How do I view my current state of life: as being subject to frustrations; or inwardly groaning…eargly waiting…painfully overcoming wordly frustrations so that my spirtual life is gloriously runied by the grace of God.

The problem is I’m too often consumed with worldly frustrations rather than the state of my spiritual pilgramage. God Help Me! Help me become consumed with and frustrated by having to wait on my eternal redemption.


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  1. Love it!

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