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Posted in Thoughts on Christianity on January 30, 2008 by themousas

Last night was a replay of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes (#153 The Yada Yada Yada) It got me thinking: sometimes when I’m having to sit and listen, I think they could have just yada yada that and we listeners wouldn’t have ever known. Sometimes I talk to much and I should have yada yada’d. A lot of times preachers say to much…enough said. I have even recently heard someone yada yada (well actually it was blah blah) when discussing salvation. Has Christianity gotten to a point where we’ve lost so much impact that we’ve yada yada the Gospel to the world? I believe a lot of the world thinks we have. Here’s my thoughts:

  • If our personal spiritual life only exist on Sundays or in corporate gatherings; then by all means skip past all the religious dialogue that mask our true self and yada yada our weekly religious experience. 
  • If the church isn’t impacting their community than we should yada yada the message their proclaiming. (Impacting can be defined by: does the community know care that you’re there, or might leave.) 
  • If a pastor/teacher/speaker stands week in-week from the pulpit declaring the life-changing power of Christ, but hasn’t yielded their own addictions to such power; than by all means yada yada whatever their declaring.
  • Further, if a pastor/teacher/speaker doesn’t declare the life-changing message of Jesus Christ than whatever their saying should be yada yada’d

That’s my short list: I’d love to hear some of your thoughts (click comment below) If the world thinks all the church has to offer is an indication of meaningless or uninteresting talk or chatter and I’m sure they’d appreciate it if we’d skip over all the “church junk” and get down to the real point. Phillipians 3:7-9


Mid-week Review

Posted in General Blogging on January 30, 2008 by themousas

So far this week’s been consumed with looking for a part-time or full-time job. The library loves me. It’s actually better than a coffee house, because the internet is free and everyone is quiet, and I’ve found a really comfortable couch. Today I also got a chance to go hear a lecture on organic lawn care….it’s part of my seasonal job at the nursery. Did you know that over 10 billion bacteria live in a single gram of soil….that’s so dirty. that’s a bad pun. so we’ll end there!

Baby Registration

Posted in Journey to Fatherhood on January 21, 2008 by themousas

I really enjoyed our wedding registration, especially because of the gun and all the cool electronics/tools Leslie let me register for. Baby registration is a totally different game. You still get the gun, but wow it was stressful. It took over 6 hours on two different days, multiple Internet searches on product reviews and advice, and a lot of Tylenol. In the end it’s worth it…maybe. Cadence is already spoiled (especially the cool swing I’m asking for, it has a place for her iPod)

My wife ROCKS!

Posted in General Blogging on January 21, 2008 by themousas
  • A southern bell
  • Almost 6 months pregnant
  • beautiful as ever

Still got up early this morning, and since it was 10 degrees outside and windchill of -8 walked over a mile in front of our TV! The couch and quilt defiantly would have been calling my name

Southern Weakness

Posted in General Blogging, Iron City Church on January 21, 2008 by themousas

Okay…Okay I know I’ve only been away from the south for 5 months, but come on…has the cold really brought that much despair to the south. We kept getting texts, photos, and calls about how the cold in Atlanta and SC has brought an end to their worlds…..Gary noted rioting in Canton. He posted 6 entries on the “snow war” check it out. He held out for a long time but eventually canceled their services…Sam did the same. Grocery stores were looted and all. I remeber the days; I once had a ford ranger that met the side of an icy embankment. Anyways, ICC had services, the set-up team rocked it out in 7 degree weather with a windchill around -10. Major props to Michael on the parking team who went out without gloves.

Daddy’s little girl!

Posted in Journey to Fatherhood on January 16, 2008 by themousas

So I haven’t officially announced the name of our new daughter on this site yet. Sorry! We are defiantly having a little girl, Cadence Olivia!!!

And I should give props out to Chase and Casey and their little boy whose going to be due around the same time.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Posted in General Blogging on January 16, 2008 by themousas

Last Thursday Leslie and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We tried to make a full weekend out of it (last trip before Cadence comes). We didn’t travel anywhere; but got our fill of the Burgh:

The Good

  • Spending some much needed time with my love
  • Seeing Andy Warhol’s museum, especially the big head exhibt
  • Playing like kids at Carneige Science Center
  • the creative gifts leslie always gets me for our anniversary
  • Good food all weekend long

The Bad

  • Leslie, almost 6 months pregnant trying to go through a submarine
  • Saturday night–work night (not fun, trying to get better at time management)
  • Oxidation 1978, by Andy Warhol (google it and you’ll see)
  • Not being able to travel somewhere and stay at hotel/BB (we love any opportunity to watch cable)

The Ugly

  • The stuffed chicken Olive Garden first brought out to us, we sent it back 
  • Bodies The Exhibit: interesting from a science point, creative from an artistic point, mind boggling from a creationist perspective…
    • However: some things just don’t need to be cut open…enough said

Understatement of the weekend: “you mean they use real bodies?” She’s been asking to go the the Bodies Exhibit since we heard about it in New Orleans, each new year, each new city she ask. I thought she new…