Church Planting & West Ridge

How did I ever get involved in church planting?? Well I did take that one class in seminary under the guru himself Jack Allen; but honestly throughout that class I fought the principle of church planting and insisted church revitalization was a much better effort for the kingdom. I was a great student! Then something happened Fall of 2006, I read a blog post from Jonathan Watson, good friend–great mind,  on Pursuing vs. Preserving (FYI: the post has probably been archived) He questioned how we approach God’s plan for our lives. At that moment I realized, if God’s plan is to seek and to save the lost; the kingdom can’t wait 10+years to revitalize a church, new ones must be started with a missional mindset. (just what Dr. Allen said) By the end of that week I had signed up to attend West Ridge’s  School of Church Planting in Atlanta. For the next 9 months I was poured into by a “league of extraordinary gentleman.” Wow, nothing could have prepared better and helped transition me for my current role. Anyways, it was there I met Tommy, he shared his vision for Iron City Church and now we’re here! Here’s a video explaining what West Ridge does. If you’re considering church planting, I couldn’t suggest a better training environment!


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