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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2007 by themousas

So I found a part-time job….I get to sell Christmas trees! Actually, I’ve been there over a week now and have only sold about 5; but I’ve spent a lot of time unloading the 700+ trees, drilling the bottom of it (more on this later) and placing them in the stands. Also got some mulching in, about 30 tons of it spread around other trees in the nursery. So far I’m enjoying it, it’s a great workout. I’m using muscles I didn’t know I had; and only a few accidents…I dropped a tree on my foot last Friday. It’s still bruised.


Thanksgiving Recap

Posted in General Blogging on November 30, 2007 by themousas

On the spur of the moment last Wednesday Leslie, Andrea, and I headed off to NY to try and catch the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. We made it, and wow there were a lot of people. The weather warmed up, suprisingly for us who packed long jones and heavy coats. We carried them most of the day. The parade was great. We managed to find a nice viewing point along Broadway. Afterwards we tourists around going to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, Hearled Square, and Trinity Church (from the movie National Treasure) Managed to eat a great meal at Juniors in Brooklyn…ummm great strawberry shortcake cheescake. I know I know, not the typcial thanksgiving. Headed back that night to the Pitt and got to see some snow as we drove home. Great day all around.

Baby M’s has been YouTube

Posted in Journey to Fatherhood on November 18, 2007 by themousas

We decided to start Baby M’s tech story early. Some church folks like to say that they were in church 9mos before they were born. We wanted to be able to say Baby M was on the internet well before it’s birth. At least there will be some bragging rights. Here’s the link or check it out on Leslie’s myspace


Posted in Church Planting on November 16, 2007 by themousas

Yesterday while I missed hearing Baby M’s heartbeat, I did get to hang out with several church planters and discuss System Theory. I had a blast! It was the first time I’ve gotten to teach on a subject I love in over a year. I understand so much the frustration that many pastors, whether they be church planters or not, have when it comes to the church moving towards its vision. Most pastor/planters I meet are huge visionary people and can see the big picture, but not the steps to get them there or how to align the steps so as not to create alternative results. Hopefully I helped a few guys out yesterday.

Snow vs Work

Posted in General Blogging on November 16, 2007 by themousas

No I won’t blog every time it snows, but today was funny. We heard that we should be expecting our first accumulations of snow over the night. It has been snowing flurrying for the past couple of weeks; but according to locals it’s not snow unless it sticks. Anyways, I woke up early this morning, because of the large truck dumping off a dumpster on our property at 6:30am…looked outside and starred in amazement at the snow falling. Woke Leslie up, opened the shades so she could see…and out it came: “it’s just not fair, this much snow in New Orleans, GA, SC and I wouldn’t have to go to work, but I still do here” She grumbled some more and eventually got up to go to work, with some hot chocolate.

Dreary Day

Posted in General Blogging on November 14, 2007 by themousas

Maybe it’s the grey sky, the cold rain, Daisy stepping in her water bowl again: maybe it’s me! But today is a blah dreary day.  I’m going to miss getting to hear Baby M’s heartbeat tomorrow….Still can’t find the part time job I need…TJ and Tommy are playing behind me, can’t wait to hear the laughter of Baby M. Can’t wait to see and hear ICC at worship again this Sunday. Can’t wait to see my little mama tonight, as we enjoy the McRib I promised her last night. I’ll make it through this day……

Church Planting & West Ridge

Posted in Church Planting on November 8, 2007 by themousas

How did I ever get involved in church planting?? Well I did take that one class in seminary under the guru himself Jack Allen; but honestly throughout that class I fought the principle of church planting and insisted church revitalization was a much better effort for the kingdom. I was a great student! Then something happened Fall of 2006, I read a blog post from Jonathan Watson, good friend–great mind,  on Pursuing vs. Preserving (FYI: the post has probably been archived) He questioned how we approach God’s plan for our lives. At that moment I realized, if God’s plan is to seek and to save the lost; the kingdom can’t wait 10+years to revitalize a church, new ones must be started with a missional mindset. (just what Dr. Allen said) By the end of that week I had signed up to attend West Ridge’s  School of Church Planting in Atlanta. For the next 9 months I was poured into by a “league of extraordinary gentleman.” Wow, nothing could have prepared better and helped transition me for my current role. Anyways, it was there I met Tommy, he shared his vision for Iron City Church and now we’re here! Here’s a video explaining what West Ridge does. If you’re considering church planting, I couldn’t suggest a better training environment!