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Fantasy Football

Posted in General Blogging on September 27, 2006 by themousas

So it took a few days before I figured out this didn’t post….but here it is anyways. Something else I started new this Fall was Fantasy Football with some friends from New Orleans who are now scattered about. We just finished week three, and one things for sure….I’m a rookie and had no clue what to do the first few weeks. Here’s one example of my wonderful decision making. This past week I started Mike Vick over Matt Hasselback. I thought surly Vick would be able to run and pass over New Orleans, while Hasselback would only pass over New York. Well Hasselback threw for 5 TDs to Vicks 0 and limited yards rushing. This is why I’m in last place!


Welcome to my head!

Posted in General Blogging on September 20, 2006 by themousas

So…I’ve caved and decided to start blogging. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long, nor do I know how often I’ll update; but here we go! By the way, you can comment on any post by clicking on comments under the title of the post.

The problem for us Christians who are analytical, and those who know me may say I’m anally analytical, is that it’s difficult to apply passages of Scripture that challenge us to take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5). Here’s how it happens…A thought appears and then develops into either sentences or dialogue. Regardless within a few moments I’ve a single thought becomes a discourse and flows into chapters of a story that I wish would unfold. For me by the time I realize my thoughts are not benifiting the Kingdom of God, I’ve already written several chapters in the storyline. To tell the truth…there are multiple volumes of useless head talk that have emerged from a single thought. While I appreciated being able to analyze, create, and dive into such areas my mind takes me; God challenges me to take every thought captive and obedient to Christ. Wow what a challenge for my finite mind!